An Italian food carry-out restaurant was a dream of Frank Prichard's for many years.

In 1975 Frank's dream was realized. He and his wife, Rose Ann, along with the help of their children, opened their little 'take out' restaurant on the west side of Krebs, Oklahoma. Frank chose the name 'Roseanna', an Italianized version of his wife's name.

Over the next two and one-half years, due to customer demand, a few tables were added in the tiny space for eat-in diners. In early 1978, Frank was to undergo heart surgery. After his operation and suffering from a broken leg, the business closed down.

Within the next year, however, the family decided to re-establish Frank's dream. They purchased and refurbished an older home on the east side of Krebs at 205 East Washington.

The new Roseanna's opened on January 30, 1980. Then in 1986, remodeling enlarged the seating capacity to 130.

After Frank's death in 1988 and Rose Ann's retirement in 1993, many of Frank and Rose Ann's children, along with an industrious work staff, have continued the original tradition: fresh, delicous food, prepared conscienctiously with loving care and pride, for the enjoyment of their customers.